Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
George Usher, Yours And Not Yours
Yours And Not Yours

George Usher
(Parasol, 2009)

“he’s been turning out perfect-pop solo albums since the mid-’90s”
Bucketfull Of Brains
“Yours And Not Yours is, put simply, another masterpiece.”
All Music Guide
“George Usher has a résumé that would raise the eyebrows of most fans of roots rock or contemporary power pop”
The Big Takeover 2nd Review
“tons of guitars, piano and organ, plus pedal steel, cello and violin, even horn.”
City Beat
“Although Usher’s electric Power Pop output has been typically unbeatable, his acoustic Folk songcraft on Yours and Not Yours easily ranks with his most accomplished and impressive.”
Burning Wood
“Beautifully crafted and relentlessly hook-filled pop”
The Big Takeover
“Usher’s graceful melodies and emotional depth softly caress the ears and heart alike if you give ‘em a chance.”
Blurt Magazine
“A hidden gem for anyone who values quality songwriting.”