Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
Miracle School by George Usher
Miracle School

George Usher Group
(Lonesome Whippoorwill, 1996)

Bucketfull of Brains
Miracle School is one of the great treasures of contemporary pop...”
“... this is one of the best releases of the past year.”
Sound Views
“Each song complements and reinforces the songs around it ...”
“Honest but unerringly true, its simplicity is the power behind this storming pop.”

Miracle School offers a dozen examples of veteran New York tunesmith George Usher’s exquisitely crafted art-pop, which boasts a lyrical sensitivity and melodic sophistication that marks Usher as one of the New York scene’s most underappreciated resources. (****)”

Alternative Press

“A nineteenth century Romantic poet inhabits the body of a Beatles ‘n’ Byrds pop-rocker. The delicate, folky ballad “Love’s Witness,” co-written with Kate Jacobs, highlights his latest, again produced by James Mastro. Light the candles.”