Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
Fire Garden by George Usher Group
Fire Garden

George Usher Group
(Parasol, 2003)

“Usher proudly follows in the footsteps of Messrs. McGuinn and Petty ...”
Graffiti Online
“... these sturdy songs end up very easy to appreciate.”
No Depression
“... highly tuneful and original stuff ...”
20th Century Guitar
“... a true pop masterpiece.”
Fire Garden overflows with irresistible melodies ...”
“... melodic guitar pop just doesn't get much better than the gorgeous bridge of "The Return of Your Loved Ones in Dreams'”
“... the hooks dig deep and bring a new level of enjoyment with each listen.”
Fire Garden ... is as close as one can get to a textbook definition of 'power pop.'”
Fire Garden is a lovely album full of sparkling melodies and shimmering instrumentation.”
Eric Sorenson |
“Once you have listened to this disc, you will agree with me that Fire Garden is a solid contender for Top Ten honors in 2003.”
Gary Glauber |
“George Usher is a true pop craftsman ...”
Mike Bennett |
“'The Day Before I Found Her' is concise and perfect.”
“Fire Garden is a steady album of fine, sunny-day pop-rock.”