Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
Dutch April by George Usher
Dutch April

George Usher
(Parasol, 1998)

“... Usher is one of America's foremost unsung pop auteurs ...”
Bucketfull of Brains
“Dutch April is ... perfect for savoring with the car windows down or in front of a crackling fire on a wintry night.”
Sound Views
“With a deep creative well to draw from, Usher can get artful without ever sounding like he's stuck for ideas ...”
“If you haven't already discovered [George Usher], it's time to tune in and enjoy his timeless, hum along pop music!”
“Usher has a way of wrapping a hook around a song that is absolutely lethal in intensity ...”
Waterfront Week
“The melodies ache with regret and introspection ...”
“Usher shows that he is a subtle and understated lyricist with a good understanding of pop aesthetics ...”