Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
Days of Plenty by George Usher Group
Days Of Plenty

George Usher Group
(Parasol, 2001)

Bucketfull of Brains
“... the album is full of emotive stories of love and life ...”
“... George Usher is a minor legend of contemporary pop.”
“... Days of Plenty is a wonderful collection of truly worthwhile songs.”
“... Usher tears into the sparkling pop with the wit and sharpened eye of the singer/songwriter.”
Days of Plenty ... offers great rewards”
Songwriter's Monthly

“The George Usher Group has that distinctive vibe that somewhere in their record collection resides a stash of Beatles or Kinks albums. Catchy. Not quirky, but fun. A casual romp through guitar and harmony land.”