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george usher | reviews
Image of George Usher
George Usher
  1. Miracle School
  2. Dutch April
  3. Days Of Plenty
  4. Fire Garden
  5. Sunday Fables
  6. You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been
  7. Yours And Not Yours
George Usher, Yours And Not Yours
Yours And Not Yours

George Usher
(Parasol, 2009)

“he’s been turning out perfect-pop solo albums since the mid-’90s”
Bucketfull Of Brains
“Yours And Not Yours is, put simply, another masterpiece.”
All Music Guide
“George Usher has a résumé that would raise the eyebrows of most fans of roots rock or contemporary power pop”
The Big Takeover 2nd Review
“tons of guitars, piano and organ, plus pedal steel, cello and violin, even horn.”
City Beat
“Although Usher’s electric Power Pop output has been typically unbeatable, his acoustic Folk songcraft on Yours and Not Yours easily ranks with his most accomplished and impressive.”
Burning Wood
“Beautifully crafted and relentlessly hook-filled pop”
The Big Takeover
“Usher’s graceful melodies and emotional depth softly caress the ears and heart alike if you give ‘em a chance.”
Blurt Magazine
“A hidden gem for anyone who values quality songwriting.”

Edward Rogers, You Haven't Been Where I've Been
You Haven’t Been Where I’ve Been

Edward Rogers & George Usher
(Zip, 2008)

Rock And Reel
“It runs the gamut from guitar-driven rockers to nostalgic chamber pop...”
Big Takeover
“a delightful LP with craft-a-plenty, boss tunes, honey production...”
Heyday UK
“This project is rife with insinuating melodies, lush strings and clever, but poignant, lyrics.”
Kool Kat Muzik
“The followup to Sunday Fables is here!”
Absolute Powerpop Blog
“Some of the most haunting, evocative lyrics paired w/subtle orchestral-like pop arrangements...”
“Byrd adds gravitas to expat's '60s-style set”
All Music Guide
You Haven't Been Where I've Been is smart pop with a sense of both style and history, and it's bold, well-crafted stuff.”

Edward Rogers, Sunday Fables
Sunday Fables

Edward Rogers & George Usher
(Not Lame, 2004)

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Sunday Fables is loaded with Rickenbacker-drenched pop goodies...”
Sunday Fables will stand the test of time...”
“...this one is sure to fulfill your whole week's fables, not just Sunday's.”
20th Century Guitar
“Pop watchers are advised to pick up on the superb Sunday Fables.”
New York Press
Sunday Fables is a surprisingly sharp collection of orchestral easy listening.”
“Edward Rogers' Sunday Fables is a precious jewel of a record”

Fire Garden by George Usher Group
Fire Garden

George Usher Group
(Parasol, 2003)

“Usher proudly follows in the footsteps of Messrs. McGuinn and Petty ...”
Graffiti Online
“... these sturdy songs end up very easy to appreciate.”
No Depression
“... highly tuneful and original stuff ...”
20th Century Guitar
“... a true pop masterpiece.”
Fire Garden overflows with irresistible melodies ...”
“... melodic guitar pop just doesn't get much better than the gorgeous bridge of "The Return of Your Loved Ones in Dreams'”
“... the hooks dig deep and bring a new level of enjoyment with each listen.”
Fire Garden ... is as close as one can get to a textbook definition of 'power pop.'”
Fire Garden is a lovely album full of sparkling melodies and shimmering instrumentation.”
Eric Sorenson |
“Once you have listened to this disc, you will agree with me that Fire Garden is a solid contender for Top Ten honors in 2003.”
Gary Glauber |
“George Usher is a true pop craftsman ...”
Mike Bennett |
“'The Day Before I Found Her' is concise and perfect.”
“Fire Garden is a steady album of fine, sunny-day pop-rock.”

Days of Plenty by George Usher Group
Days Of Plenty

George Usher Group
(Parasol, 2001)

Bucketfull of Brains
“... the album is full of emotive stories of love and life ...”
“... George Usher is a minor legend of contemporary pop.”
“... Days of Plenty is a wonderful collection of truly worthwhile songs.”
“... Usher tears into the sparkling pop with the wit and sharpened eye of the singer/songwriter.”
Days of Plenty ... offers great rewards”
Songwriter's Monthly

“The George Usher Group has that distinctive vibe that somewhere in their record collection resides a stash of Beatles or Kinks albums. Catchy. Not quirky, but fun. A casual romp through guitar and harmony land.”


Dutch April by George Usher
Dutch April

George Usher
(Parasol, 1998)

“... Usher is one of America's foremost unsung pop auteurs ...”
Bucketfull of Brains
“Dutch April is ... perfect for savoring with the car windows down or in front of a crackling fire on a wintry night.”
Sound Views
“With a deep creative well to draw from, Usher can get artful without ever sounding like he's stuck for ideas ...”
“If you haven't already discovered [George Usher], it's time to tune in and enjoy his timeless, hum along pop music!”
“Usher has a way of wrapping a hook around a song that is absolutely lethal in intensity ...”
Waterfront Week
“The melodies ache with regret and introspection ...”
“Usher shows that he is a subtle and understated lyricist with a good understanding of pop aesthetics ...”

Miracle School by George Usher
Miracle School

George Usher Group
(Lonesome Whippoorwill, 1996)

Bucketfull of Brains
Miracle School is one of the great treasures of contemporary pop...”
“... this is one of the best releases of the past year.”
Sound Views
“Each song complements and reinforces the songs around it ...”
“Honest but unerringly true, its simplicity is the power behind this storming pop.”

Miracle School offers a dozen examples of veteran New York tunesmith George Usher’s exquisitely crafted art-pop, which boasts a lyrical sensitivity and melodic sophistication that marks Usher as one of the New York scene’s most underappreciated resources. (****)”

Alternative Press

“A nineteenth century Romantic poet inhabits the body of a Beatles ‘n’ Byrds pop-rocker. The delicate, folky ballad “Love’s Witness,” co-written with Kate Jacobs, highlights his latest, again produced by James Mastro. Light the candles.”