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George Usher and Lisa Burns: The Last Day Of Winter

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The Last Day Of Winter

George Usher and Lisa Burns

(Near and Dear)


  1. Wake Me When Tomorrow’s Here
  2. Depression Glass
  3. More Than I Cannot Say
  4. Lost In Translation
  5. My Precious Wisdom
  6. If It Ever Comes To Pass
  7. Dark Blue Room
  8. Wasn’t Born To Belong
  9. Never Ever Land
  10. The World That Rested On Your Word
  11. The Ferryman’s Name
  12. The Last Day of Winter

Vocals, Guitar: Lisa Burns
Vocals, Guitar, Piano: George Usher
Bass: Sal Maida (Cracker, Roxy Music, Sparks)
Drums and Percussion: Wylie Wirth (The Dead Ex’s)
Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Harmonium: Dylan Maida (Pink Ride)
Lead Guitar: Captain Kirk Douglas “More Than That I Cannot Say”, “The Ferryman’s
Name” (The Roots)
Lead Guitar: Dave Schramm “Wake Me When Tomorrow’s Here” (The Schramms)
Lead Guitar: Mark Sidgwick “If It Ever Comes To Pass” (Holly & The Italians)
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jonathan Gregg (Crusty Gentlemen)
Violin: Claudia Chopek
Cello: Alon Bisk
Horn: Jeff Hermanson

Recorded in Brooklyn, NY

Produced by George Usher and Lisa Burns
Executive Producer: Paul Naumann

Mixed by Eric Ambel (Cowboy Technical Services) (Del-Lords, Roscoe’s Gang)

Engineered by Jim Santo (The Kennel Recording Studios)
Joe Ford (South Brooklyn Sound Studios)

Joe McGinty (Carousel Studios)
Len Monachello (Soundtronics Studios)
Mario Viele (Cowboy Technical Services)

Mastered by Paul Gold (Salt Mastering)

String and Horn Arrangements: George Usher and Lisa Burns

Photographs: Gregory Bastien, Spencer Gordon, Lisa Burns