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Edward Rogers, Sunday Fables

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Sunday Fables

Edward Rogers

(Not Lame)


  1. Who Knew The World Would End?
  2. It Was Love (So It Couldn’t Last)
  3. Germantown
  4. Crushed By The Inside
  5. In The Garden Of Who You Were
  6. Make It Go Away
  7. Innocent Times
  8. Sunday Fables
  9. Laughing Ghost
  10. Mercury Wheel
  11. Building Winter
  12. All Your Kingdom
  13. Rain Becomes Her

Edward Rogers: Lead vocals
George Usher: Vocals, Guitar, Organ, String Arrangements
Mark Sidgwick: Bass, Vocals
Guy Finley: Drums, Percussion
Doug Larcey: Guitar
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Claudia Chopek: Violin

Marty Wilson-Piper: Lead guitar on “Who Knew The World Would End?” and “All Your Kingdom”
Colin Blumstone & Rog Argent: Additional vocals on “Make It Go Away”
Joe McGinty: Piano on “Germantown”

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"Who Knew The World Would End?"

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"Rain Becomes Her"

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"It Was Love (So It Couldn't Last)

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"Laughing Ghost"

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