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Miracle School by George Usher

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Miracle School

George Usher

(Blue Rose, Lonesome Whippoorwill)


  1. Miracle School
  2. Railroaded
  3. Not The Tremblin’ Kind
  4. Too Much Evil Under The Sun
  5. The Gospel According To Joe
  6. Fever Train
  7. Don’t Be Afraid To Love
  8. Alexandra
  9. Love’s Witness
  10. Baby Laughed When Heaven Fell
  11. Another Man’s Crown
  12. Walking Into The Fire

George Usher: Guitar, Organ, Piano, Mellotron, Vocals
Doug Larcey: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Ambrose: Bass, Vocals
Greg Mattison: Piano, Organ
Don Alexander: Percussion
Doug Wygal: Drums

Mark Sidgwick: Bass
Robert Warren: Bass
Brian Doherty: Drums
Samm Bennett: Percussion
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Casey Jones: French Horn
Richard Barone: Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Santis: Vocals

Selected songs from Miracle School

"Not The Tremblin' Kind"

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"The Gospel According To Joe"

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